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Varatha is passionate about creating this website and hopes it is engaging, meaningful, and also has a positive impact on all who want to stay healthy.

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Why I want to be healthy? – My Personal Reasons

Everyone wants to be in perfect health and do not want to see physicians or spend time in hospital.
During the illness period, we follow what doctors tell us about health and take care of ourselves until we are cured.
In this article, I write about why I want to be healthy for the rest of my life. These are my personal reasons for staying in shape to enjoy the life I have.

About Varatha

About Varatha

Varatha is an electrical engineer with expertise in facility maintenance. He has a solid understanding of health and safety strategies, visual thinking and healthy living. He considers himself a “healthy lifestyle advisor” to keep everyone healthy by writing on this Healthy Life Board website.

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Tips to maintain a healthy diet over the holidays

Do you struggle to follow a healthy diet during your vacation? Holidays are a tough time to follow your healthy diet and also these are the best times to celebrate and have fun. During holidays, you must do your best to balance your diet and enjoy a holiday with family and friends.

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Everyone wants to live a good, happy life. Keeping your self healthy by look after yourself will definitely make you healthy and happy.
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Five habits that stand in the way of weight loss

Five habits that stand in the way of weight loss

Weight loss to stay healthy is everybody’s dream these days. A lot of people think about eating less and fasting will help with weight loss. But it is not so easy to lose weight in control of what you can eat. The major step you need to know about weight loss, your body needs to burn more calories than you eat.

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