10 ways to plan for the New Year during lockdown
10 ways to plan for the New Year during lockdown?

How do you get rid of the frustration caused by the lockdown in this new year 2021?

We are all looking forward to the New Year 2021 in a couple of days. This year’s celebrations are going to be different from those of the last few years.  

This is because fear of coronavirus disease has been around for several months.

Sadly, this is not over yet.

Due to this pandemic, our day-to-day activities and this year’s New Year celebrations have been limited. 

Therefore, we have no option but to celebrate this New Year without meeting our friends and relatives.

How do you overcome the frustration, not to see your family, friends and loved ones this New Year?.

You may find some useful, productive things you can do in the coming new year 2021 listed below.

(1) Build a positive mind set

My opinion is to build a positive mindset to face this inevitable situation.

Don’t forget that you are not the only one suffering from this situation, but that people from all over the country have the same problem as well.

You must be thankful to God because you are not affected by this virus as other unfortunate people who have lost their loved ones this year.

(2) Spend time with your family

Try to get a sense of it, as it is an opportunity to spend valuable time with your family and loved one.

This period of confinement gives you a nice memory of spending precious time with your children and your loved one.

(3) Start 2021 with a New year resolutions

Make New Year’s resolutions, like finding a new job after lockdown, or prepare a business plan for working from home.

(4) Learn new skills

Try to make the most of this opportunity as a good time to learn new skills. You might learn about cooking or speaking a foreign language.

(5) Teach your child your knowledge

With schools closed, children may not have a lot to do at home. you can teach your kids a few computer skills like coding or math skills.

(6) Make your place cleaner than before

The count down for New Year’s Eve is almost complete. Progress to a resolution as keeping a tidy home.

(7) Tidy up your wardrobe

Try making your wardrobe look better this New Year. Most of us have a dress or dresses that never see the light of day. Get rid of the ones you never wear.

(8) Backup your digital photos

Use this locked down time as an opportunity to organize your albums and digital photographs.

So many of us taking pictures wherever we go and never make any attempt to save them on a rescue hard drive.

If you lose your phone, your precious photos will go missing forever.

(9) Perform regular exercises

Exercise at home can be helpful to your body and mind. Perhaps now is the time to try different kinds of exercises during the next few months. At some point, you might find something that suits you best.

(10) Make goals for New year 2021

Write down the goals for the New Year 2021. Most of us put together a list of targets early in the year.

But if you don’t do this, it might be a good time to start.

Your list of objectives will make it possible to visualize the plan of what you will do once the lockdown is complete.

Stop the spread of the coronavirus – 20 simple tips

You may feel sad or uneasy having to sacrifice your dream vacation to stay indoors in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

Stop the spread of the coronavirus - 20 simple tips

We are currently in lockdown, and only essential movements such as work, exercise, food or medication are allowed.

Shopping in supermarkets, commuting to work and the health clinic, something most families cannot avoid.

Worried individuals who want to avoid contracting the coronavirus can protect themselves if they are so vigilant. 

There are many ways to protect yourself from coronavirus even when you need to leave your house for essential tasks. 

Here you may find some useful twenty tips to help stop the spread of virus and keep you healthy over this new year festive period.

Hopefully, the following tips will help everyone stop the spread of the coronavirus.

(1) Try not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth while outdoors.

(2) Avoid congested areas and keep a safe distance from others

(3) Wear a mask all the time wherever you go.

(4) Wash your hands upon your return from the outside.

(5) Never carry your mobile over your hand while outdoors. Keep them in your pocket or handbag.

(6) Do not have close contact with a sick person.

(7) If you are outdoors do not have any wipes or tissue, cough or sneeze in your bent elbow try not your hands.

(8) Thoroughly clean and sanitize most touch objects such as door knobs, keys, mailboxes, etc

(9) Try to keep 2 meters of distance from any person you do not live with you.

(10) When outdoors, if you do not have access to water, use hand sanitizing gel instead.

(11) Try to stay away from public transportation so you can stop the spread of the virus

(12) Always organize outdoor gatherings or in a well-ventilated space.

(13) Avoid handshakes and hugs until the end of the pandemic

(14) Never share kitchen utensils, cutlery, mobile phones, makeup items or comb with someone.

(15) Avoid dining out or drinking in crowded areas.

(16) Wash or wipe the grocery you purchased as soon as possible prior to use.

(17) Avoid using a public toilet while you are outdoors.

(18) When buying things in stores always use the contactless payment method rather than cash.

(19) Try to avoid purchasing non-packaged produce. Try to buy Prepacked instead. 

(20) Become familiar with the symptoms of the virus. If you’re not feeling well, get ready to go into quarantine.

Stop the spread of coronavirus is possible if you could follow these rules where ever you go.

Good habits for healthy living
Healthy habits that we always fail to follow

Good habits for healthy living are still overlooked by most of us.

Discover the following four healthy habits that can lead a healthier life and help keep your fitness level up.

These healthy habits are very useful for your physical shape and you may not have thought about it.

By adopting these habits, you can change your everyday routine to begin a healthier life.

So, are you interested in trying to follow and change your daily routine a bit and lead a healthier, happier life?

(1) Have a protein-rich breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast is one of the most important healthy habits you can have.

Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is generally ignored by those who are overly busy in the work.

Your first meal of the day can have a lasting impact throughout the day and on your health in the long run

If you’re you like to eat breakfast every morning, then it is advisable to avoid sugar cereals. Make an attempt to eat  healthy food for your well being. Having a food with more sugar is not a good healthy habits

It is important when you make your choice for breakfast, think about the amount of protein it contains.

High rich protein breakfast provides us with more benefits.
However, most people did not add this to their breakfast menu.

There are some benefits to having a protein-rich breakfast, such as

  1. Diminishes appetite and hunger
  2. Enhances muscle strength
  3. Beneficial for Your Bones
  4. Reduces food cravings
  5. Stimulates metabolism and boosts fat burning
  6. Lower your blood pressure
  7. Contributes to weight loss.

(2) Keep hydrated while drinking water

Drinking water to stay hydrated is another healthy habits which you can do to stay healthy regardless of what you do.

Water is an essential requirement to keep the body in shape.

If you are in a hot, humid area, drink more water to stay hydrated.

In a warm climate, your body will adapt to new surroundings and will likely sweat harder than usual.

The prevention of dehydration is essential to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience while doing your everyday tasks.

(3) Exercise on a daily basis

Exercise is one of the most important health habits. Working out on a daily basis can keep you fit you and also lessen the chance of developing several diseases like cancer and  type 2 diabetes.

Here are the 5 main advantages of regular workouts.

  1. improve your weight management
  2. minimize the risk of a heart attack
  3. reduced blood cholesterol levels
  4. decreased blood pressure
  5. Improvement of bones, muscles and joints

(4) Go on walking is simple any easy, healthy habits

Walking is the best simple exercise we do on a daily basis with minimal effort.

Daily walking can strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat and increase muscle strength.

As opposed to other forms of exercise, walking is free and requires no special equipment or training.

Regular fast walking may help you the following five advantages.

  • Make yourself more balanced and coordinated
  • Make yourself feel better by having a better mood
  • Keep body weight healthy
  • Make your bones and muscles stronger
  • Prevention or management of cardiac diseases, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes

You can find more advantages about walking in this guide

Following these healthy habits while maintaining health can be a dream become reality.

How to stay fit when travelling?

Stay fit while travelling is a tough job. In this post i will give you some tips on how to stay fit when travelling.

Every time I go on vacation, I plan to do new things and try to eat new foods.  

However, this is not to say that I want to ruin my holidays by not following my diet.

Stay fit while travelling
Stay fit while travelling

Following these tips can keep you entertained and help you to stay fit while you travelling.

(1) Try walking to look around

A great way to explore your holiday place is walking which can be done at your own tempo.

I love walking from the moment I arrive at my holiday place. Because it assists to combat the jet lag. 

It also helps to become familiar with the layout of your holiday city.

Apart from walking, keep you fit, You may come across a unique and interesting architecture and explore sites when walking.

(2) Stay hydrated by drinking water

Drinking water to stay hydrated is something you can do to stay fit while travelling.

Water is essential to your well-being..

If you are in a hot and wet zone, drink more water to hydrate.

In a hot climate, your body will adapt to the new environment and probably sweat harder than usual.

Preventing dehydration is essential to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to your journey.

(3) Kick start your day with a full breakfast

Tasting a new food for the country I am in holiday is one of my favourite things. 

Try not to deny yourself local cuisine. 

However, at the same time, try to choose your food wisely. 

The breakfast enriched with protein helps satisfy and prevent morning cravings. 

When you are outdoors for trips or sightseeing, you may not find time for lunch. Perhaps too busy for lunch.

Experiencing a full breakfast will helps to from getting hungry. 

Make the most of your hotel Bed and breakfast facility if your hotel reservation offers.

(4) Have a great night’s sleep

When you are on holiday, it is easy to get mad and organize activities for every minute of the day.

You want to do sightseeing, everything doesn’t waste a precious moment of vacation time.

This results in insufficient sleep at night.

In addition, when you travel to different time zone areas can make sleep more difficult.

Adequate rest and a good night’s sleep are critical to stay fit while travelling.

(5) Reduce the intake of alcohol and sugary drinks

Consider when consuming high-calorie beverages such as alcohol and sugary beverages..

You can maintain your calorie and sugar intake at a low level, by drinking plenty of water while travelling.

Drinking too much alcohol interferes with your sleep as well.

It is nice to drink a glass or two during the holidays, but moderate consumption is necessary to keep you healthy during the holidays.

(6) Have more vegetarian food with less meat

When you are out, it is not easy to have healthy food at all times. 

Try to choose a healthier option by balancing your diet with vegetarian dishes or a salad.

(7) Use hand sanitizer or wet wipes

While you’re in public places you may touch so many things like door handles, rails, lift buttons and so on.

It is therefore important that you wash your hand before eating. Hand sanitizer is convenient if you are not able to find soap and water.

It also prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. Exercise to keep yourself healthy.

(8) Exercise to keep yourself healthy

When you are on vacation, it is possible that you will not be able to exercise regularly.

 Better break out with a hotel with gymnasium, swimming pools or yoga class facilities. 

Alternatively, try to tour your holiday city on foot. 

Visiting your town by walking is more fun that you can explore things closer.. 

Walking is a great way to maintain your fitness. 

You should also use the stairs in your hotel room instead of the lift. Take care of your skin.

(9) Take care of your skin

Attempt to avoid unpleasant trip causing by painful sunburn. Apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30.

Always take a hat or an umbrella to protect your skin.

(10) Keep up with your vaccinations

Take these precautions seriously in order to prevent skin cancer. 

If your holiday destination poses a risk of tropical diseases, make sure to consult a travel m long before your trip to receive the appropriate vaccines.

Don’t ever try to ignore the must have immunization.   This could result in considerable spending on medical care.

Hopefully above information will help to stay fit while travelling.

Is cabbage good for health?
Cabbage brings more benefits

Is cabbage good for health?

Cabbage brings more benefits to everyone.

The most popular cabbage is green.,

Also red cabbage, commonly is used in salads and cooked meals.

You may as well find the Savoy varieties of cabbage, which are best to use in salads.

In this post you may find some great benefits of cabbage.

You can also finds its nutrients information here.

Here are a few interesting things you should know about cabbage.

  • Cabbage is very good for human skin too. If you are looking for beautiful radiant skin and a strong immune system, you should have cabbage in your everyday meal.
  • Cabbage is a vegetable of all seasons, that is to say it is available on the market throughout the year.
  • Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and D. It’s a great source of fibre, too.It has very low saturated fat content. 
  • Different types of cabbage are available such as white, green, red and purple.
  • Cabbage juice is a remedy for stomach pain and intestinal ulcers. 
  • Cabbage brings more benefits to your weight loss diet plan should have cabbage, because it is low in calories.
  • Cabbage contributes to the digestion of food by keeping the digestive system in perfect condition.
  • Cabbage assists in controlling blood pressure. Cabbage has a high potassium content that helps clear the blood vessels, which helps blood flow.

Healthy eating for busy professionals
Healthy eating in the workplace-Guide to keep you healthy
Healthy eating in the workplace-Guide to keep you healthy

Healthy eating in the workplace is not always convenient these days. Healthy eating for busy professionals tips will help to stay healthy.

Especially when you have an extremely busy schedule.

It may be difficult to eat healthily and lead a full life. Whether you’re sitting in an office or doing driving jobs.

But you can always be surrounded by snacks and cookies.

Healthy eating in the workplace-Guide to keep you healthy

Finding healthy meal options in the workplace canteen can be challenging.

It can be even more difficult if you have a fixed budget for day-to-day food spending. 

Healthy food choices tend to be more expensive than unhealthy foods.

Despite trying your hardest to avoid unhealthy snacks at work, you are always inclined to pick up cookies or chocolate cookies when you are busy or hungry at work.

Since many people get used to eating unhealthy snacks at work, it becomes more difficult to get healthy food and control weight gain.

Most of us spend over 30 hours a week on the job. It is important to try to make the habit of eating nutritious food in the workplace.

How can you carry on Healthy eating in the workplace?

(1) Plan your meals

Always make sure you have a healthy meal by bringing a packed lunch to the workplace. Buying your lunch every day can empty your purse and may result in eating a limited choice of healthy foods.

Most restaurants and cafes sell foods, which are very rich in salt and sugar and do not give you a healthy and balanced meal.

(2) Drink plenty of water

When you are busy at work, there may be a tendency to ignore drinking water to keep you hydrated.

You could become dehydrated if you continue to drink plenty of coffee or tea and ignore drinking water. This can result in a loss of concentration on the job and regular headaches.

It is perfect to keep a bottle of water with you, keep you active and hydrated during working hours.

(3) Keep healthy snacks in your workplace

Keeping a healthy snack in the office is a good example of healthy eating in the workplace.

Healthy snacks mean foods that are nutritious and help you to prevent you from being hungry.

Healthy snacks such as mini carrots, fresh fruit, high-protein foods, nuts, and protein bars.

Always try to limit calorie-rich foods such as cakes, milk chocolate, and candy bars.

Even if you eat a small amount of these high-calorie foods can build up high calories during the day. Do not miss breakfast or lunch when you are busy on the job.

(4) Never try to skip a meal

If you are busy at work, skipping a healthy breakfast meal is not good for your well-being.

Your glucose levels will go down if you’re in the habit of skipping breakfast or lunch. It also affects how concentrated you are.

Skipping food has some negative impacts:

You are more susceptible to overeating at other times.

You are more likely to become overweight.

The concentration drops as blood glucose and energy drop.

This healthy eating in the workplace ideas will benefit Healthy eating for busy professionals.

Fruits for health – 4 tips to keep in mind
Fruits for health - 4 tips to keep in mind

Fruits’ health benefits can be significant.

Fruits are rich in nutrients, provides us with vital vitamins, minerals, a lot of energy, and sugar.

Our body stores vitamins and minerals only for day-to-day requirements. Excess vitamins and minerals are removed through the urine.

As a result, if we gain more vitamins or minerals than our body needs, there is no nutritional benefit or major damage,

But one thing that your body will preserve is sugar in fruit. 

You may become overweight if you take more sugar than you need, which can lead to serious health issues.

Fruit sugar is no healthier than what is found in sweetened junk food. There are plenty of kinds of sugar.

Fruits are composed of two forms of sugar, including fructose and glucose. 

These forms of sugar contained in excess junk foods can cause health problems if you have taken them.

Therefore, without overdosing on sugar, how do you get all the benefits of fruit?

(1) Fruit selection may make a difference

Fruits’ health benefits may be spoiled if you eat all types

Fruits such as bananas, cherries, pomegranates, mangoes, and grapes are all rich in sugar.

Fruits such as watermelon, kiwis, cranberries, and raspberries have lower sugar content. 

For further information, refer to. 


(2) Try to stay away from eating ripe fruit

The riper the fruit, the greater the amount of sugar.

So don’t try to keep the fruit lying around too long.

(3) You should eat a whole fruits

Because the process of digestion of whole fruits releases sugar more slowly and avoids overloading your body with unwanted sugar.

(4) Combine the fruits in a smoothie

The most practical way to add fruit to your diet may be to combine the fruits in a smoothie.

When you make smoothies, it is healthier to use whole fruits rather than juices to improve nutrition and reduce sugar calories.