How to eat healthy while staying in a hotel?
Healthy diet during holidays

Do you struggle to eat healthy while staying in a hotel? In this post you can learn some tips about How to eat healthy while staying in a hotel.

Holidays are a tough time to follow your healthy diet and also these are the best times to celebrate and have fun.

During holidays, you must do your best to balance your diet and enjoy a holiday with family and friends.

First of all, focus more on maintaining your weight instead of losing weight during vacations.

Everyone desires to enjoy the vacation as much as possible. So, if you want to follow healthy eating during the holidays, better plan in advance.

Here are some Tips for eating healthy while traveling.

(1) Look for restaurants with healthy options

The key to healthy eating in restaurants is to plan beforehand. Select the restaurants you know have tasty and healthy choices.

Take a look at the menu beforehand and identify which dishes fit your health goals.

(2) Add healthy options to your plate

The best practice is to fill your plate with healthy choices available. You can start with veggies to curb appetite. Selecting fruits, veggies and protein are the best choice you can make. It is also worth eating soup before the main meal.

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Having broth soup is poor in calories and very nutritious. Ask for a large bowl before eating the main course when you are at the restaurant.

(3) Maintain a healthy diet with portion size

Everybody loves to eat outdoors. The biggest challenges we can face in restaurants, particularly when on a healthy diet are portion size. Everyone wants their money’s worth of food. So you may need to establish a rule for yourself about portion sizes.

(4) Give up eating when you’re full

Stop eating when you are comfortably satisfied and pack a portion of your meal as leftovers.

Be aware that eating too much free food such as bread or chips may add calories without filling you.

(5) Take a seat further from the buffet or food table

If you eat next to the buffet, or from the table in the restaurant, you’re more likely to come back for a second serving or maybe even a third.

You may avoid this temptation by sitting further away from the buffet or food table.

So fill up your plate once and then distance yourself from the buffet area.

(6) Avoid or limit alcohol

When you begin dinner at the restaurant, it is best to begin your meal with a soup..

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Do not start drinking alcoholic beverages without eating food.

If you enjoy a glass of alcohol, take it along with food.

Alcohol boosts your appetite and reduces your ability to control how much food you eat.

Therefore, alcohol will make you overeat can increase your weight.

(7) Be sure to carry a healthy snack bar

When we eat on the move, we tend to require something quick and practical.

Thankfully, there are tons of options that are easy and nutritious too.

Bring protein-enriched snacks with you, so you have a healthy option with you whenever hunger hits.


Keep in mind that balance and moderation are the key to maintain your healthy diet plan. Do not let unhealthy eating or food choices deter you. You can go back in the right direction using these tips at your next meal or snack.

On holidays, we all eat too much, drink too much and eat junk food as well.

You probably do not lose weight and may gain a bit. It’s all about the number. Hopefully you can keep yourself healthy by reading this Tips for eating healthy while traveling.